Small Business Booster Course

Spend 5-weeks every Tuesday and Wednesday (October 8th, 2019 to November 6th, 2019) learning how to take your business to the next level. Download the schedule here.

This course will provide not only a “boost” but a 360-degree view of your business and how you can strategically incorporate online marketing, new systems to boost productivity all while providing the tactical knowledge to get it all done (or understand enough to hire someone who can).

This activity-driven course will teach you how to set-up your online business systems, the next steps for creating and updating your business website, how to leverage social media and email marketing to build your online presence, and how to pull it all together with keeping your books up to date.

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  • A solid understanding of how to bet set-up your online business systems for your business, like email addresses, domains, G-Suite, and online payment processing tools.

  • Best practices for your business website, including how to keep it updated, creating a blog, search engine optimization, and ways (and when) to work with a designer.

  • How to develop a social media strategy and properly execute the plan, or work with social media strategist.

  • How to add email to your marketing strategy with initiatives like newsletters, list building and creating valuable content for your subscribers.

  • How to accurately keep your accounting and bookkeeping up to date, when to work with an accountant, the best tools for tracking cash flow, and how to conduct a cost analysis.

What Will Be Covered:

Week 1: Getting your Business Set-up Online

Description: Learn how to set-up your online systems for your business. Think email, website domains, and cloud storage applications.

Dates: Tuesday, October 8th & Wednesday, October 9th from 6pm - 9pm.

Instructor: Megan Adams

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Week 2: Website Development & Maintenance

Description: Learn how to manage and maintain your website, the marketing must-haves and if it’s time for a new one.

Dates: Tuesday, October 15th & Wednesday, October 16th from 6pm - 9pm.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart

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Week 3: Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Description: Learn how to create a social media marketing strategy and how to successfully execute it.

Dates: Tuesday, October 22nd & Wednesday, October 23rd from 6pm - 9pm.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart

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Week 4: Email Marketing & Strategy

Description: Learn how to add email into your marketing efforts with building a list, sending out newsletters, and creating valuable content for your subscribers.

Dates: Tuesday, October 29th & Wednesday, October 30th from 6pm - 9pm.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart

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Week 5: Accounting for Small Business

Dates: Tuesday, November 5th & Wednesday, November 6th from 6pm - 9pm.

Description: Learn how to manage your business books, the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant, and manage GST.

Instructor: Kyla Lam

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  • A project or business you want to focus on in this course.

  • This course is in-person at the Mountain Hub during two weekday evenings. You will need to commit to attending all the sessions.

  • If you feel you need additional preparation, please check out our prep course offerings here.

Course Pricing for all 5-weeks: $895

Mountain Hub Member Special Pricing: $795

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Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $150.

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How to Register:

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Enrollment for the Small Business Booster course ends Tuesday, October 1, 2019.

Questions? Please fill out the contact form below. Once received we will be in touch immediately to any questions you may have. You can also send an email to with your inquiry.

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Small Business Booster Prep Courses

Take these courses to prepare you for the Small Business Booster course, or as a one-off to help deepen your knowledge of each respective topic. These courses are open to students enrolled in the Small Business Booster course, and non-students interested in only taking these prep courses. View the schedule here.

Intro to Getting your Business Set-up Online

Date: Tuesday, September 10th from 6pm - 9pm.

Description: This is for you if you are having trouble setting up your online systems. Think email, website domains and cloud storing applications.

Instructor: Megan Adams


Intro to Website Development

Date: Thursday, September 12th from 6pm - 9pm

Description: Learn how to manage and maintain your website, the marketing must-haves and if it’s time for a new one. This is for you if you need help purchasing a domain, hosting or even understand how it all works.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart


Intro to Social Media Marketing & Strategy

Dates: Tuesday, September 17th from 6pm - 9pm.

Description: Learn how to create a social media marketing strategy and how to successfully execute it. This is for you if social media feels unfamiliar and you are unsure which social channels to use and why.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart


Intro to Email Marketing 

Dates: Thursday, September 19th from 6pm - 9pm.

Description: Learn how to add email into your marketing efforts with building a list, sending out newsletters, and creating valuable content for your subscribers. This is for you if you are unfamiliar with email management software or don’t have an email list yet.

Instructor: Samantha Gernhart


Intro to Accounting for Small Business

Dates: Tuesday. September 24th from 6pm - 9pm.

Description: Learn how to manage your business books, the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant, and manage GST. This for you if you have never worked with a bookkeeper, don’t use any accounting software or are unfamiliar with how it works.

Instructor: Kyla Lam



  • Booster Prep Course Bundle Price: $395

  • Individual Courses: $99 per course

Special Pricing:

  • Mountain Hub Member Prep Course Bundle Price: $295

  • Mountain Hub Member Individual Course Price: $79 per course

About Our Instructors


Samantha Gernhart

Marketing Specialist, Clarity Marketing and Designs

Samantha is a marketing professional who loves to teach and empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. Samantha now leads the marketing team at Copperpoint Resort in Invermere, BC.

Prior to that Samantha has run her own marketing and design consulting company for over 13 years, working with such brands as Surrey School Board, BC Youth Week, City of Burnaby, Prostate Cancer Foundation BC, WestCoast Families Magazine, UrbanBaby & Toddler Magazine, BC Library Association, MS Society of Canada – BC Division and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

In addition to her entrepreneurial spirit and love of small business, Samantha is a recognized member of the community and was a finalist for the Surrey Women in Business Awards, 2013, nominee for the Influential Women in Business Award in the Kootenays, 2018 and nominee for the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards, 2018.


Kyla Lam

Chartered Professional Accountant, Aspire Accounting

Kyla Lam is an accountant passionate about supporting financial literacy in small businesses and charities. Being a small business owner herself, Kyla knows where the most value can be added to a small business by way of consultation and solid accounting and bookkeeping advice.

Kyla grew up in rural northern British Columbia, completing double degrees in environmental science and business from the University of Alberta. She completed the Chartered Accountant designation in 2009. She owns her own accounting practice in Invermere providing audit, accounting, tax and advisory services to her clients. She also instructs part time at College of the Rockies and was a facilitator with the CPA School of Business (formerly the CA School of Business) for six years. Kyla’s work experience includes both public practice and industry giving her a breadth of knowledge in practical accounting matters and proficiency with many accounting related software programs. She also owns and operates a successful small business, is a Financial Literacy volunteer with CPA Canada and Treasurer for the Columbia Valley Community Foundation.

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 4.15.16 PM.png

Megan Adams

Business Systems Expert, Marketing Specialist and Owner of the Mountain Hub

Megan is the owner of the Mountain Hub and has channeled her passion for community building and teaching into the Mountain Hub Academy. Megan has been working with entrepreneurs and small businesses in creating and executing marketing strategy for over 10 years, and teaching via the LinkedIn Learning platform for 3 years.

The Small Business Booster is derived from the feedback of the 100+ events at the Mountain Hub since it's opening and the feedback of all of the participants. And Megan is beyond thrilled to be one of the three instructors.

About Megan

Megan started her entrepreneurial journey at a young age. Her first job was as a support aid to an autistic child where she learned the different ways people view the world and the importance of finding a team of people to support and care for you.

From there she went to University, graduating with a Political Science degree and rooted herself in the "9-5" lifestyle. That could only last so long as her innate entrepreneurial spirit (and obsession with business) sprang up and she was accepted into a provincial-run program for small business owners.

After learning that the original business she was running wasn't for her - but the marketing side was - she started her social media consulting agency and continues to work with clients in this capacity to this day.

In 2014, Megan moved to Silicon Valley, landing in San Jose, California, following the calling to immerse herself in technology and start-up. She was recruited on a team within eBay to launch a local buying and selling app.

Megan helped the team hit the massive milestone of over 1 Million app downloads in under 6-months. With that startup experience and dream realized, Megan took a break and traveled to South Africa and Indonesia, spending a cumulative of 4+ months off-grid.

The profound shifts that occurred during this travel led Megan to study different healing modalities that she continues to hone and incorporates into her work.

Currently, Megan is an instructor for LinkedIn Learning - an online education school of sorts - and has over 13 courses in the library. Most recently (as you may know) she lives in Invermere and owns the Mountain Hub - a coworking space with the heart-centered goal of supporting any and all that walk through its doors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where the Mountain Hub Academy?

It is located within the Mountain Hub, 1036 7th Ave, Invermere BC. Feel free to come and talk to us about the course or check out the space. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am - 5pm.

Is the Small Business Booster course available online?

Yes! SBB will be available to all enrolled students upon completion for no extra charge, and will be available for any non-students to purchase as well.

Is the Mountain Hub Academy an accredited educational institution?

The Mountain Hub Academy is not affiliated with any educational institution. That means we have more freedom and flexibility to create curriculum that directly fits the needs of our students. Our instructors are small business owners themselves and are uniquely positioned to teach our curriculum having 10+ years of experience in their respective fields.

Can I get help paying for this course?

Yes! If you are an employee wishing to build your skills, talk to your employer. This course qualifies for the B.C Employer Training Grant and other government funding. See the grants section for more information, or contact us at

Who is this course for?

We created this course with the small business owner in mind. This training is perfect for the owner/operator as well as the part-time or full-time employee.

Are there grants available?

There sure are! Below are two that most people will be able to qualify for:

The B.C Employer Training Grant will cover this and similar types of training for the small business with a minimum of two employees. Head here for more information.

The Columbia Basin Trust Training Fee Support program provides up to $800 toward tuition for a short-term course that will help you secure immediate employment.

How do I enroll?

You can register by getting in touch with the Mountain Hub Academy at, or by clicking the payment options up top.

How do I become a Mountain Hub member?

Head here to learn more about our memberships. We’d love to welcome you to the Mountain Hub community! Please note, you do not have to become a Mountain Hub member to register for any of the Mountain Hub Academy courses.

Refund Policy

We understand that, sometimes, plans change. If you can no longer make it to a class or workshop, please email us at least 14 days before the scheduled event date. No refunds will be given to cancellations made within 7 days of the class or workshop.