What IS coworking!?

Hello from beautiful Banff!

I am writing this email from a coworking conference (GCUC Canada 2018) where I have spent the last two days brainstorming, masterminding, swapping stories and making incredible connections with other coworking space operators, managers, and coworking junkies.


Today is the last day and I am excited to dig into one of the upcoming topics: coworking in rural communities. Rural communities have a lot to offer in the coworking realm: we know all about being a community, we are curious, industrious and entrepreneurial. Not to mention adventurous, supportive and all-around bad-ass mountain living folk!

I also wanted to share one of the most powerful moments of the conference for me (up until this point). And that was when we were discussing the definition of coworking.

What IS coworking, exactly? 

It was said that if you are just in the business of selling a desk and WIFI, you aren’t in the business of coworking.

Yes, the desks and WIFI are important. But in reality, we don’t need desks. We need people. Heck, you have a desk at home. Or a kitchen table. Or the local coffee shop. 

Coworking is a movement.

Coworking is the kryptonite of isolation. 

Coworking fosters collaboration.

Coworking accelerates serendipity. (Thanks to Ashley Proctor for that gem!)

Coworking builds community.

Coworking grows businesses.

Coworking creates jobs.

Coworking is changing the world.

My mandate after this conference is continuing to move the coworking movement forward. The Mountain Hub is the first of its kind in the Columbia Valley and I am excited to continue to introduce the concept of coworking to the Valley. We are ready!