Why Mountains Matter


Last night the Mountain Hub has the pleasure of hosting a “Why Mountains Matter” event where each participant shared five slides and had two minutes to talk about why mountains matter to them. It was in true Pech Kucha style and was incredible!

People spoke of food security in mountain cultures, the changing landscape of Kathmandu, the geology and importance of preservation, the most sacred mountain in the world, the contrasting landscape of the mountains (and it’s beauty), raising their children in the mountains, the paradox of the mountains - feeling safe yet exposed and more.

At the end of the night, it was settled, the mountains for us all are a magical and mystical being that draw out adventure, purpose and passion.

Big kudos to Shannon and Baiba from Wildsight for putting on such an incredible event. I hope to see many more in this amazing format!

Below I am sharing my own presentation. The mountains hold a special place in my heart and have brought me a sense of belonging, purpose and an amazing community.

If you are interested in participating in an event like this in the future, please email me at megan@mountainhub.ca.

Ad-libbed “script” ;)

We moved around a lot as a family and I never really felt like any place I lived was “home”.

Everyone around me would be going “home for the holidays”, but for me - my home was my family - wherever we were.

I was always the odd man out it seemed. Canadian in America. Or American in Canada.

At 14 my family moved from Edmonton Alberta to Trappe Pennsylvania. The land of hoagies, Wawas and “wooder” (that’s water).


After ping-ponging back and forth from Canada to the US a couple more times, I landed in California.

Another foreign entity but more recognizable through movies and TV shows like the OC. I surfed, worked in Silicon Valley and did all the stereotypical Cali things (convertible? Check!)

But my search for that place to call home still eluded me.


So I traveled to South Africa.







And numerous other places wondering if perhaps they were somewhere I could live, or to help answer that burning question, where to call home.


And then everything changed.

I got the call one month into my travels in Indonesia.

I was going to be an Aunt.

And I knew then where I needed to be.

Back with my family.


It’s no surprise my sister chose the mountains to help raise her daughter. In fact, a small mountain town in BC called Invermere (you might have heard of it) and so I moved there January of last year.

I have to be honest, it didn’t feel like home for a long time. I felt like a red plate, just driving California ones.

But the mountains had other plans for me and worked their magic.

So much so I now own and run a business, called the Mountain Hub.

Mountains matter to me, because they finally answered the question I always had. The mountains are my home.