The BEST business advice I have ever received!

I’m the consummate entrepreneur. I make a terrible employee, I like to do things “my way”, and I often fly by the seat of my pants.

Especially in my early days.

I remember when I launched my first “real” business. It was a grocery delivery service called The Grocery Gopher Girls and I was aaaaalllllll over the place.

I had never run:

1. a business.
2. a business where fulfilling orders correctly and promptly was a thing.

Suffice to say I learned A LOT about what works, and what doesn't in a short period of time.

Luckily, my Dad is my number one business advisor and could see where I was struggling.

I’d receive a customer’s grocery order, scribble down the items on a random piece of paper, hop in my car and promptly lose the order (or not be able to read my hand-writing).

I was highly inefficient.

My Dad suggested I create a “run document”.

In essence, it was a list of step-by-step instructions on how to perform certain tasks in the business.

In my case, I'd list out step-by-step how I would process a customer's order, the questions I'd need to ask, and how I'd go about delivering that order.

This would be something I’d would refer back to for every customer order and follow meticulously to ensure I have checked off all the boxes.

I began to create a "run document" or in fancy terms - a business system - for everything I did.

The advantage of this was that once I listed out the step-by-step process, it took all the “thinking” and “remembering” out of the task.

Everything I needed to know was now documented in a clear and concise way.

At first this was really tedious. In essence, I had to write out every action I performed in my business. But the practice of writing out the steps was also liberating.

It helped me think out strategically what made the most sense in the order of specific tasks, what programs I would need to use in my business, and the best and most optimal way to get sh*t done.

This advice from my Dad was pretty much the single most useful business advice I have ever received.

I didn’t need a fancy piece of software or MBA - all I needed was a Word document and a bulleted list.

We hardly talk about business systems as entrepreneurs. We prefer to talk about profit, scaling or social media. But without these types of systems in your business, there is no way to grow your business.

When we create these types of systems or procedures in our business - even if it’s as simple as a hand-written checklist, we do the following:

  • Remove the guesswork and extra time remembering the process.

  • Ensure consistent results. Every interaction with customers, for example, is the same.

  • When we make the leap to hire another individual, we have a pre-built manual set of instructions.

  • Start the first steps in automating our business.

Think you're ready to build and create some systems for your business or audit your existing ones?

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Let me know if you have any questions about creating systems in your business - this is my JAM! I love this stuff, LOL.


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