How the Mountain Hub Works!


Thanks for your interest in the Mountain Hub. We have been over the moon seeing everyone’s excitement for our new space!

I created the Mountain Hub to solve my own problem. I moved to Invermere from California just this past January to be closer to family. Thing is, I also work from home. So I was feeling pretty isolated (and cold, very, very cold).

I have worked out of coworking spaces in the past and loved the atmosphere, plus I had a network of friends I could call up and work at their office when I was feeling it was time to get out of the old PJs. I may or may not have worn out my welcome at the Facebook campus. I’m sorry, but ALL THEIR FOOD IS FREE THERE. And they have an ice cream buffet. Okay, I digress.

So, in the spirit of transparency, the idea of opening a coworking space was to solve my own problem.

I wanted a place outside the house to work. And I wanted to connect with other like-minded people.

Now the thing is, you don’t have to be a consultant, digital nomad or “location independent”, sometimes you just want a change of scenery or a place to go where you know you’ll run into someone you can bounce ideas off of.

Maybe you run a small business.

Or are looking to grow your side hustle.

Perhaps you need a place to meet clients and grow your career.

Or (like me) you need an excuse to get out of the house this week.

At the Mountain Hub you can bring your laptop, grab a desk and get to work (if you want ;)

It’s also a place to connect with a community a people that you are likely familiar with (see: small town) BUT haven’t had a chance to brainstorm or catch up with in a long time. And, okay, okay, you can also work out of a private office where you can close the door and get some uninterrupted work done.

Another huge need we saw in the community was meeting space. And bonus, we’re downtown in a pretty convenient location. We have a bunch of options to host your next meeting with a dedicated boardroom with a smart TV, whiteboard, and anything else you’d need to impress.

Now for a little Q&A time....ready? :)


Why should I get a membership?

The majority of coworking spaces use the monthly membership structure, including us.

Our memberships are month-to-month and there is no sign-up fee (we hate those). Plus you can cancel anytime. It’s not our goal to lock people into year long commitments because we know, probably more than the average person, that life happens. Coworking is all about flexibility, and our memberships reflect that.

You get to choose a membership that works for your budget, schedule and business. They range from 1 day per month to unlimited days per month. With any level of membership, you receive all the perks our memberships offer. That includes 20% off our rental rates (this is for our private offices, meeting rooms and conference room), as well as access to a printer/copier, complimentary member events, and free coffee/tea (‘cause why not!?)

When you sign-up you become a valued member of the Mountain Hub and our members are everything to us! We want you to make the Hub home. Your participation will be key in shaping and growing the community as well as the facility.


What if I’m not ready to commit?

Oh, I get you! That is no problem. You can also pay as you go, with the option to work hourly or daily. Plus we have 5-day or 10-day punch passes that will save you some extra money by buying them in “bulk”. You don’t get access to the member perks but if you happen to drop-in on a day when we are having a complimentary event, you better believe you are invited!


Can I meet clients at the Mountain Hub?

Yes! As a member, this is YOUR space. That means business as usual. Meeting clients in a welcoming, accessible and comfortable space is so important to forging that relationship. Don’t forget to offer your client coffee, tea, water or snacks that come complimentary in your membership. We do ask that you are respectful to your neighbors and that might mean you wish to reserve our Paradise Ridge Meeting Room (it’s free to members to use during business hours), or finding a quiet spot.


I really prefer working in a quiet office and/or ALONE.

Totally. Some work requires super focus without interruptions. In that case, we have two fully private offices and one semi-private (there’s room for two people to work). Members get 20% the rental rates and they are available to non-members as well. Be sure to use our scheduling system to book them out and check availability.

But...don’t forget to try our hot desks. Hot desks are workspaces anyone can grab anytime and they are in our common area. There is a certain energy or buzz that comes with working alongside other people. I always get so inspired when I’m at a coffee shop or meeting a group of friends to go over work projects. These hot desks are free to members and are always available during our business hours.


I want to host a workshop at the Mountain Hub.

Yes! That’s music to my ears. This is your space to create - and workshops are an incredible way to share your wisdom, engage with clients and make some money doing what you love. We have a bunch of options when it comes to hosting your workshop.

Your first step is getting in touch with us. Drop by or send an email to and we can start determining your needs. It’s our goal to make our space as accessible as possible to everyone. Our location is super central and our pricing is very reasonable.

Also, did you know that our members get 1 FREE hosted workshop per quarter? If you’ve been a member for a minimum of 3 months you are able to host up to 4 workshops per year at no cost to you. This is our way of supporting our members while providing amazing workshops and education to the community.


So, you in?

Here’s the thing. And I’ve been saying this over and over. I can plan and plan and plan until I am blue in the face. But ultimately it’s YOU that is going to help me shape the Mountain Hub. What do you need from the space? How can we help you grow your business? These are the questions we would love answered.

Now, our goal is to open JUNE 15, 2018. We will be posting our membership rates shortly and having an early bird special to sweeten the pot. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us or say, "Hi" if you see us in the space. Also, if you sign-up for our newsletter we will be sure to stay in touch.

Hope to see you soon!