Influential Women in Business Award Nominees for 2019

Wishing all the nominees for the Influential Women in Business Award the best of luck. And dang, can we brag about our beautiful Valley for a bit!? The women nominated are so inspiring, community-focused and doing BIG things.

You can read all the nominees here, but we wanted to give a shout-out to our Invermere ladies!


Owner, Mountain Hub

Reason for nomination: “As a marketing instructor on LinkedIn, Megan is constantly sharing her knowledge with the world while offering regular Lunch & Learn workshops, and Master Classes on marketing in the Columbia Valley. In just over six months, she has created a new business networking community.”


Owner, MountainTots Adventure Wear

Reason for nomination: “Kyla has built a wonderful homemade toddler and children’s outdoor clothing business (now carrying women’s stuff too)! She empowers and employs other women and moms to be able to work from home as well.”


Owner, Clarity Marketing & Design

Reason for nomination: “Samantha has been a driven entrepreneur for over 13 years with her business, Clarity Marketing & Design. She has taught courses and workshops through local chambers and colleges. She is an ambassador for The Mountain Hub co-working space in Invermere and a mentor with Women's Enterprise Centre of BC. What makes her business special is that she takes time to teach her clients how to use their marketing technology.”


Financial advisor, Sun Life Financial

Reason for nomination: “Rhiannon is very knowledgeable and personable. She was incredibly helpful and cared about my well-being and the future of my family. I highly recommend her services.”


Owner/operator, Endeavor Fitness

Reason for nomination: “This woman has not only been running a successful business helping others improve their well-being for over a decade, but she has also worked hard to become a world-class athlete (taking bronze in the 2018 CrossFit Games) and is a single mama! She is an immense inspiration to so many people and groups of young athletes in our community, and her passion for her craft is obvious in the care and diligence she puts into every training session, nutritional challenges and coaching program she offers.”


Owner, Salome Naturals

Reason for nomination: “Miel is honestly and wholeheartedly living the entrepreneurial roller coaster. She is a light in the valley and one that needs some celebration.”


Consultant, designer, and educator at the Avalily Permaculture and The Earthskills Institute

Reason for nomination: “Kalista has a wonderful artistic way of making your home and yard becomes a whole new useful symbiotic space.”


Senior Executive, Copper Point Resort

Reason for nomination: “Karin is a strong female role model for all our junior employees and department heads. She has branched out into the community and taken on a part-time instructor role at the College of the Rockies within its hospitality program. Her commitment to excellence and her passion for the Valley is now being taught to up and coming students who will enter the workforce to hopefully call the Valley their future home. Day in and day out, Karin's selflessness and dedication to the success of the entire team at Copper Point Resort make her more than a deserving recipient for this year's Influential Women in Business award.”


Director of Marketing & Sales, Copper Point Resort

Reason for nomination: “Charmaine has worked determinedly here since 2011 to improve occupancy and grow top-line revenue with proven success year after year. During her time with the resort, Charmaine has sat on, chaired and been involved with multiple tourism and destination committees as a champion for the Kootenay region and all the magical reasons to live, work and play here. Charmaine’s enthusiasm for the ‘playground’ we call home is infectious and has truly impacted the way we recruit new business and even new colleagues. We are so proud of everything that Char has accomplished and feel that she epitomizes the definition of an Influential Woman in Business.”


Editor, Columbia Valley Pioneer

Reason for nomination: “Lorene is a leader in our community who works diligently to inform and educate through her words in the paper, but also through genuine interactions in our community. She's the unsung hero behind the print that has a big part in our community.”


Music instructor, Yanya DuBois Music Studio

Reason for nomination: “Tanya provides a great service teaching children to love and play music. I know most children love going to their lessons.”


Owner, Swansea Communications

Reason for nomination: “When Andrea moved to the Columbia Valley in 2011, she took no time to establish herself as a community leader. Her marketing and communications business filled a gap in our business community. She didn't hesitate to collaborate and partner with other specialists in the community such a web developers and other digital media consultants. Andrea also immediately joined the local chamber and stepped up as a volunteer on the committee to overhaul its website. It wasn't long until she was on the tourism marketing committee and would eventually come to chair that committee for four years. Andrea is a straight shooter and can be relied upon to keep a confidence, to listen and to support others to be successful. Today she not only runs her own very successful business but she is also going into her second year as the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce president.”


Co-owner, Circle Health Food and Café, Centex Market, Stoke Cold Pressed Juice, Fullfill

Reason for nomination: “Jill works incredibly hard; she is passionate about her businesses and about giving back to the community. She is not afraid to pursue her ideas and excels at her endeavours.”


Editor-in-chief, The Revelstoke Current

Reason for nomination: “Imogen is an inspirational woman who keeps the town up to date on current and relevant news regarding our community.”