New Membership Perk: Free Hours Included to Use Private Offices

Members now get free hours included in their membership for booking private offices!

Included in each membership level is a certain amount of hours per month you can use to book and work out of one of our four private offices.


Members can choose from all four rooms; from the practitioner room to the boardroom, the semi-private office or the private office.

And don't forget, your membership also guarantees you 20% off the office rentals. 

Community Membership

  • Now includes 1-hour of private office rental per month
  • $30/month for 1 day of coworking per month

Flex Membership

  • Now includes 2-hours of private office rental per month
  • $100/month for 6 days of coworking per month

Part-time Membership

  • Now includes 4-hours of private office rental per month
  • $150/month for 12 days of coworking per month

Full-time Membership

  • Now includes 6-hours of private office rental per month
  • $220/month for unlimited days of coworking per month 

When using a private office, please be sure to check its availability first using the online booking calendar.

If it's available, book it using the online calendar. 

For members, the system will track how many hours you have used a private office and not charge you for the hours included in your membership.

When you have exceeded your monthly hours you will then be able to rent the office at your member discounted rate. Unused monthly hours do not roll over to the next month.

I made up a quick 2-minute video walking you through how to book your time in one of the offices. This will also be helpful for non-members who wish to use our private offices as well. The only difference is you will be charged the amount due upon booking.

You can view the video here.