Hiking season is upon us! Here's your preparation checklist.


Playwest Mountain Experiences guide and Mountain Hub Community Ambassador shares how to prep for the upcoming hiking season.

Man what a long winter! It’s over…I think…I hope!

The recent warm temperatures and clear skies have people 'chomping at the bit’ to get out hiking. So exciting! Most trails in the low lands or the Columbia Valley are dry and lots of folks are getting out and getting after it.

Now is a great time to go through your gear and make sure you are all set. Here is a quick pre-season check list of items you should check before you go.

The number one piece of equipment/gear is you!

Make sure you are healthy, fit and prepared for the season. Head out for a gentle stroll a few days a week to get those legs moving over the coming weeks. The idea is to slowly build your stamina and endurance so that you are ready for the bigger trips later in the season.

Check over your gear.

Did you finish your hiking season last year with a boot that had a hole? Do you need a patch on a hole on your rain shell? Has your bear-spray expired? These and many more are items that should be checked before you head out on the trail.

What’s in your pack?

Some simple “mandatory” items in my pack are a well stocked first aid kit. A small repair kit to help with any issues with your gear that might come up. For example a small multi-tool with a knife, gorilla tape, ski-straps (see photo), an extra shoelace, spare batteries for my headlamp, my headlamp, fire-starter and some type of communication device (inReach, Spot etc).

The not so “mandatory” items…a few extra warm layers, my lunch and snacks a suitable first aid kit for the trip I am doing, water and/or tea, bear spray (on my waist belt). The list goes on.

Preparation is the key to having a successful outing in our beautiful mountains.

Be prepared, be safe, and reconnect with Nature.

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