Want a free Membership to the Mountain Hub? Become a Community Ambassador!


The Mountain Hub is opening up applications in search of a couple passionate people who want to become members of our community!



  • Apply for the program online here.

  • Visit the space and complete an interview to be accepted.

  • Join for a training session.

  • Work with us to create a schedule. You’ll work about two 4-hour shifts per week.

  • Enjoy the full benefits of membership! Meet like-minded people, share workspace, meeting rooms, invitations to events, and so much more!



The community! The Mountain Hub is bringing the concept of coworking to the Valley and is creating a space for awesome people to do awesome things.

The Mountain Hub is home to creative, independent, and multi-talented people. We’re home to independent workers and small teams, start-ups and non-profit organizations working in all industries.

At the Mountain Hub we host a wide variety of events in the space. Everyone here is working on something unique, something awesome, and/or something of their own creation.

It’s the perfect environment for you if you’re currently working for yourself or if you’re thinking of starting something new.



  • You’re working from home, or a coffee shop, and you need to get out.

  • You could use a better workspace where you can focus and/or create.

  • You could use just a little bit more structure and routine in your life.

  • You’d love to be around people who inspire you.

  • You’d like to be part of an amazing community.

  • You’d appreciate having access to office space, blazing fast internet, meeting rooms, printing, and other amenities.

  • You’d like to make connections, meet new people and help us to make a meaningful impact.



You’re going to have a job that’s pretty easy, but incredibly important: you’re going to make sure things are running smoothly.

Our members at the Mountain Hub are self-directed and independent, so it’s a pretty easy operation to manage. There are, however, always things that require a human to keep an eye on and sometimes take care of. Watering the plants. Greeting new members. Making coffee. Introducing the space to new people. Small, simple things, but each important to supporting our members and building a strong community.

You’ll also be giving tours to prospective new members, showing them around the space and getting to know them and their needs better. We’re not looking for hardcore salespeople here; we’re just looking for people who are genuine and welcoming.

You’ll also be invited to start or participate in any kind of fun, creative community projects we may imagine. Part of the beauty of having a place like this is that we can do (just about) anything we want with it!

Want to run a yoga class? Host an art exhibition? A potluck? A mini-schnauzer meetup? A late-night coworking jam session? It’s all on the table. Tell us what your dream event would be and we can likely make it happen!



The Mountain Hub is a coworking community that was initially dreamt up by Megan Adams. It’s driven by the amazing community of members and supporters that value community, accessibility, diversity and creativity.

The core of the Mountain Hub and our collective event programming is to support the community of entrepreneurs, small business owners, artists, makers and digital nomads. The Mountain Hub evolves and grows right along with its members and ambassadors are a pivotal piece of this puzzle!

We’re independently owned and operated, thanks to our members and the support of amazing people like you.



  • You have engaged with the Mountain Hub previously - be it a Lunch & Learn, worked in the space for a day or - better yet - you are currently a member!

  • You are a local resident of the Valley.

  • You are able to reliably commit to two 4-hour shifts per week (or one 8-hour shift per week)

  • You love to connect with and meet new people.

  • You are drama free and know what it takes to be respectful of others working in the space.

  • You love collaboration and working as a team.

  • You are super comfortable with using technology.

  • You are passionate about the Mountain Hub’s mission of creating space to people to create!



Email Jason at jason@mountainhub.ca.



Let’s get started! You can begin by applying here.