Marketing Masterclass: Hot Seat Event - April 25, 2019

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Marketing Masterclass: Hot Seat Event - April 25, 2019

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Who’s got marketing questions and needs some answers?!

Join us for our first ever Marketing Mastermind HOT SEAT event at the Mountain Hub!


I posted to Facebook a couple of days ago asking what topics people would like to see for the upcoming April Marketing Mastermind. The topics were pretty diverse so that’s when I knew it was time to introduce my “Hot Seat” event idea.

What is a Hot Seat event?

It’s a 20-minute laser-focused coaching session where either you or some other individual gets a dedicated 20-minutes to have their biggest marketing/business related questions answered.

Know what’s really cool?

If you aren’t quite ready for the heat of the hot seat, you are invited to watch this process unfold. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE hearing what other businesses are up to, and often their struggles are my struggles.

You’ll be able to learn some easy to apply tips and tricks and bust through the myth that you are alone in the good fight. Because sometimes running and business can feel like a street brawl! No, just me? ;)

People electing for “being in the Hot Seat” will be asked to send brief information on their business, and marketing related questions beforehand so I can ensure any necessary homework is completed.

This is a great way to get your business the marketing support it needs, move quickly through any blocks you might be encountering while meeting and networking with like-minded people.

Marketing Mastermind Hot Seat Event

When: Thursday, April 25th from 7pm - 9pm

  • Hot Seat participants: $50/business (4 spots only)

  • General Public: $30/person

Topic ideas:

  • Pricing

  • Social media

  • Virtual products

  • Market research

And time permitting, we will also have an open group discussion, Q&A, networking and some schmoozing!

Hot Seat Participant:
Register for the Masterclass

This Marketing Masterclass: Hot Seat event is for all non-profits, small businesses, solopreneurs, marketing professionals and anyone who needs some support in getting their business thriving.

+ Authors/writers
+ Musicians
+ Entrepreneurs
+ Small business owners
+ Freelancers
+ Non-profits
+ Marketing professionals

What to bring:

+ A laptop or notebook (something to take notes with).
+ Business cards to network.
+ Your amazing self (and business partner, if you have one!)

+ $50 for Hot Seat participants
+ $30 for General Audience

We will be capped at 15 attendees so be sure to register early in order to avoid disappointment. Want to come for free? Volunteer for the set-up and take down crew ;)

Meet your Masterclass Instructor, Megan Adams:

Megan has worked in the marketing world for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of small business owners overcome their marketing “blocks”. 

With a ton of expertise, intuition and tactics, Megan will be able to move you through your business confusion to a place where it becomes natural and authentic. 

Are you ready to share your message with the world? Your clients are waiting!