Strategy Session

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Strategy Session


Tap into the Collective Marketing Minds in order to brainstorm, strategize and bring clarity to your business in an info-packed, laser-focused 2-hour Strategy Session.

Present in each Strategy Session is three of the Collective members, depending on their expertise and background. We all sit around the table, working side by side with you to achieve your goals and address your issues.

Come to us with an issue, question or seeking a strategy and in our 2-hours together we will provide the clarity, tools, and tactics. This includes a high-level strategy designed to help you:

  • take action!

  • gain clarity

  • Know your next steps

When can cover the following;

  • Sell more products/services from your website

  • Build an effective social media marketing strategy

  • Launch a new product, book, or business

  • How to scale your business

  • What else you got? ;)

What is a strategy session?

A strategy session is a highly focused meeting in which we come up with a specific strategy or approach to achieve a particular goal.

In our time together we can review your website, strategize on an upcoming product/business launch, come up with an effective online marketing strategy to help you hit your revenue goals, brainstorm new products and services, update your marketing/business plan, polish your client offerings and proposals, and so much more.

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