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Lunch & Learn - Business Systems 101

What is your system for answering customer inquiries?

How do you process payments?

What do you do in case your website goes down?

All of these answers boil down to two words: BUSINESS SYSTEMS.

Building systems (aka procedures and processes) in your business help keep you organized, consistent and professional.

All those fires you're putting out? They can be made smaller, or even eliminated, all by creating a step-by-step way individuals in your organization react to them.

These business systems can be as simple as a hand-written checklist, or as complex as a custom computer program.

In this Lunch & Learn you will learn about how to identify where you business requires systems, and how to create them.

This topic touches on the first course in the Small Business Booster - Getting Your Business Set-up Online ( and will help you build a solid understanding of the systems your business needs.