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Brewer Lakes - Sunday, September 15 [Mountain Hub Hiking Club]

BREWER LAKES (Easy/Moderate)

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The Brewer Lakes Hike is a Playwest favorite! This easy/moderate hike has a little bit of everything. Travel through old growth Douglas Fir and Larch, incredible meadows filled with millions of wildflowers and several sub-alpine lakes.

The Brewer basin is full of hidden little gems and if your group is feeling adventurous ask about the Mt. Brewer option. A great peak to bag with stunning views of the Rockies, the Fairmont range and the local favorite, Mt. Nelson.

Playwest Mountain Experience and Mountain Hub are joining forces to bring together our community in the great outdoors. We will be offering 4 guided hikes in some of the most beautiful places in our area.

  • Mountain Hub Members....$69/person/hike

  • Non-Members....$89/person/hike

Limited spots available. Please get in touch with Chris Skinner to book:

(250) 341-7283 / /