It’s All About Balance.

At the Mountain Hub we know that a holistic approach is imperative to living a life you love and growing a thriving business. That’s why we have a dedicated practitioner room.

Not only is the practitioner room (named Mt. Swansea) available for practitioners to rent out hourly or daily, but it also has two regular practitioners offering healing modalities.

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Meet Our Practitioners


Megan Adams is a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Akashic Record Reader and Intuitive Healer. 

Megan Adams has worked with clients for over 10 years shifting from marketing/business consulting to a full-time healing practice, Soul Speak Wellness while working with remote clients all over the world.

Megan has over 7 years of experience in the field of energy work and healing practices as a practitioner, Akashic Records reader, Shamballa Master and over 10 years experience owning and running businesses.

Megan is also working towards her BodyTalk for Animals certification and is an animal communicator. She has had the privilege of participating in the Indonesia Practitioner Development Project spending a month in Indonesia (February 2016) learning from Loesje Jacob, Sr. CBP how to work with animals in a BodyTalk context, and visiting local orphanages, hospitals, vet clinics and sanctuaries to put the modalities into practice.

Megan returned to Indonesia in January 2017 to deepen her understanding and receive teachings from the animals there, visiting the Asian Elephants in Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra and the Orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo.


In her sessions, Megan works with your body and soul’s innate wisdom to restore balance and harmony on all levels. Her true passion is helping her clients uncover their true potential and shed the belief systems that hold them back. BodyTalk sessions work powerfully for people, animals, plants and businesses!

In an effort to understand the patterns that continue to come up in her clients and to help guide them through their blocks, Megan started to integrate various consciousness-based modalities and techniques in her consulting, including BodyTalk, Shamballa and the Akashic Records. Megan is also the owner and operator of the Mountain Hub and is excited to begin integrating health, wellness and balance within the space.

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Heather Fischbuch is very pleased to be offering massage, aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine therapies, and reflexology at Mountain Hub. 

Her 32 years experience in the the complimentary health field with forays into teaching advanced massage techniques, medical aromatherapy, as well as clinic work in numerous Alberta and BC locations brings a wealth of experience to her clients. 

A new website will be launched soon describing her full service menu. In the meantime, please reach her at 250-688-0033 for appointments.    

Mountain Hub members receive 15% off all of Heather’s services.