The Mountain Hub is a coworking space in Invermere, BC.

Located in the heart of downtown (1036 7th Ave, Invermere) you will be able to spot our bright turquoise facade and mountain mural.

Our space is set-up for productive work - meaning we have desks, speedy WIFI, free coffee & tea and an amazing community to network and connect with. At 2100 sq. ft, our space has a bright and open vibe with a sunny front area where our coworking desks are housed (with a mountain view, no less!)

In the front area is a kitchenette with a full fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker, tea kettle and toaster. Feel free to bring your own lunch and snacks, or hop out and enjoy one of our local coffee shops.

We are home to two local businesses and two non-profits that work full-time out of the Mountain Hub. They have their own private offices and contribute greatly to our amazing community. Shout-out to Zen Technologies, Access the Valley, RAD Society and DEVTEL Communications!

You will also find a handful of meetings rooms and gathering spaces. We have a practitioner room with an ensuite bathroom that is perfect for mobile massage therapists, counsellors, reflexologists, and other healing arts practitioners. Next, we have a boardroom that can fit up to eight people with a flat screen TV for presentations. In the back area we have a private gathering room set-up for all members to enjoy - be it an impromptu meeting or a space to focus.

Ready to get some work done?