Printing & Copying


The Mountain Hub has partnered with Palliser Printing to offer our members access to a state of the art Xerox Copier Printer.

We won't geek out on the details but let's just say - you'll never have to worry about running out of printer ink again!

Included in each membership is 25 pages of black + white printing and/or copying.

Basically, every month you can print or copy 25 pages of black and white. As a member you also receive a discount on colour printing. 

As for scanning, that service is also included in the membership and you will be able to electronically scan to your heart's content!

Think you will need more printing? 

Members can add-on an extra $25 per month for printing & copying up to 100 sheets of black & white as well as colour.

Now, this is just for standard sized paper (8.5 x 11) and does not include custom design work or anything super fancy. We are a coworking space, not a professional printer ;) But...lucky for you we are partners with one! Dee over at Palliser Printing would be happy to discuss your printing needs. Be sure to mention you are a member of the Mountain Hub to receive a discount.

Now, for non-members our pricing is different. 

For non-members, the printing minimum is $5 and from there the pricing is 20¢ per black & white copy and 0.89¢ per colour sheet (one-sided). 

If you purchase a daily drop-in pass for $30 you get 25 black and white copies included in the price. 



Questions on this? Get in touch!